Newt conservation at Vangarde

In 2013, as construction of Vangarde Shopping Park was about to get underway, a colony of rare Great Crested Newts were found to be living on the site. The species is Britain’s most threatened newt, so rehoming them became a priority before work could continue. The newts were carefully moved to nearby ponds and marshland around the outskirts of the park – and the population has since been thriving.

Part of Vangarde’s vision is to be a sustainable and environmentally-focused retail park, which works hard to protect the local wildlife. Conservation efforts also provide regular opportunities to engage local school children on the newts and environmental issues.

This year, Vangarde recruited Newton the Newt as park mascot. He can be seen regularly out and about meeting shoppers and children who visit Vangarde, helping to spread the word about the park and conservation. Be sure to say hello, give him a hug and have a photo if you see him during your visit!

newton the newt graphic and purple logo
newt guide showing pages

Download the Vangarde newt guide!

Along the main walkway outside M&S, Next and John Lewis & Partners you can find lots of fun newt facts. We have also collaborated with local artist Dan Savage to create a number of stainless steel newts, which can be spotted around the entire Shopping Park. How many can you find?

The Vangarde Newt Guide includes more fun facts, word search, colouring and a map of the park.