Community Plaza

Vangarde’s picturesque Community Plaza was created to give shoppers a place to meet and relax before or after shopping or dining at one of our outlets.

The Plaza was created to meet our vision for the Shopping Park with trees and plants planted to ensure the Park keeps with its environmentally-friendly and sustainable ethos.

Green Walls

Vangarde’s green walls can be noticed from afar and have become one of the features that makes the Shopping Park one of the most environmentally-focused retail centres in the region.

One of Vangarde Shopping Park’s key visions is to use environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices in everything it uses and creates.

One of the ways Vangarde has addressed this is through our green walls which have become a distinguishable feature of our Marks and Spencer.

All green walls are naturally produced and involve a range of flowers and plants local to the area.

Green wall 2 Green Wall

Public Art

Vangarde Shopping Park has incorporated pieces of art from local artists across the entire Park, which includes work from sculptor Tony Broomhead. Tony created two wooden boats with a viewing deck for shoppers to relax, as well as vibrant floral murals, which are inspired by ancient hedgerow and textile printing methods. The murals were designed to visually connect the historic site with its new use.

Before Vangarde Shopping Park was built, the area was home to nearly 300 Great Crested newts, which have since been rehomed to a marshland area nearby. In homage to the newts that inhabited the area, Vangarde worked with local artist Dan Savage to create a number of stainless steel newts, which can be spotted around the entire Shopping Park.

Vangarde Shopping Park has also been engaging with Art and Design students at York College to learn about how artwork is developed for our website and on site.

boats dansavagenewts floralmural


Vangarde Shopping Park has a defibrillator available just by M&S, located in the centre of the shopping park, should it need to be used. We have trained people on site and in the stores to use this.