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Vangarde Shopping Park leads by example to showcase retail career opportunities

Vangarde Shopping Park has joined forces with Blueberry Academy to showcase the number of retail opportunities available in a shopping centre environment.

The centre management team will be taking two trainees under their wing every Friday to help develop skills and show the range of jobs they can do in retail. Blueberry Academy aims to promote independence and employability to those with learning difficulties.

The two trainees will be undertaking the role of Facilities Support Assistant at Vangarde Shopping Park, which will include a variety of activity covering customer service, maintaining the environment and liaising with retail teams.

Over the coming weeks, Blueberry Academy is also planning to get the gardening group to help with the bug hotel project which is on Vangarde Shopping Park. Since the start of construction in 2010, Vangarde has been the centre of environmental excellence through the development of the shopping park, maintaining core environmental practices which benefit the local wildlife and minimise the carbon footprint.

Deborah O’Donnell, Centre Manager for Vangarde Shopping Park, said: “We’re delighted to establish a partnership with Blueberry Academy – not only is this a great opportunity for the trainees to develop key employability skills, it also showcases the versatility a career in retail will bring.

“While the trainees will be looking at Facilities Support Assistant roles, we will be showing them the progress that can be achieved through the retail industry and how varied the role is on a day to day basis.

“Our team has shown a huge commitment towards various community initiatives over the last year, and this is another successful initiative which will make a significant difference to the people involved.”