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York Shopping Park wins environmental award

Vangarde Shopping Park is delighted to announce that it has recently been announced as a Green Apple Award winner for Environmental Best Practice.

The award for Environmental Best Practice is given by The Green Organisation, an independent environment group which aims to recognise companies and communities for their environmentally friendly practices.

The organisation, which was established in 1994, runs the International Green Apple Environment Awards, which are hosted every year in London. Aims of the award include encouraging companies to improve their environmental performance, as well as urging them to be more conscious of their resource usage.

During the construction of the shopping park, a population of great crested newts was discovered on site and translocated to newly-created terrestrial habitats adjacent to the site. Since this discovery, Vangarde has worked closely with AECOM in order to further increase wildlife populations in the local area by building amphibian tunnels under the access road so that the shopping park is incorporated into the ecosystem.

However, it takes more than just these tunnels to make the environment suitable for the local wildlife. The park has also been designed to reduce the amount of pollution it creates. Travel initiatives have been put in place to reduce the amount of air pollution created by visitors, and staff are encouraged to cycle or car share, with specific spaces designated in the car park for those who travel together. Electric car charging points are also available.

Over the last year, this has assisted the growth of the great crested newts’ population by 47%.

Deborah O’Donnell, Centre Manager at Vangarde Shopping Park, said: “We’re honoured to have been presented with a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice.

“It’s crucial that we limit our impact on the environment where we can, and we will continue to explore new ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint.

“As a part of the community, we hope to educate those visiting the park on how they can work to limit their contribution to pollution.”

The award will be presented to Vangarde Shopping Park at the Houses of Parliament later this year.