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Vangarde Shopping Park continues to show support for local charities

Vangarde Shopping Park is continuing building on its mission to give back to the community throughout 2018 with a set of various initiatives.

The customer services team has created a series of events throughout the year to support local charities and organisations, such as York Against Cancer and Brunswick Organisation, along with Marie Curie. The staff remain dedicated to raising money and have already donated thousands towards these worthy causes.

The team’s work on the St Leonard’s Hospice Accumulator Challenge, in which they raised more than £420 by completing an on-site car wash, was recognised through a charity celebration evening in York.

On top of creating close partnerships with charities, Vangarde also gives back to its customers after establishing a Random Acts of Kindness event, giving flowers, chocolates and favours to those visiting the shopping park.

Deb O’Donnell, Centre manager at the shopping park, said: “Working with charities that support such wonderful causes is truly an inspiration to the staff at Vangarde Shopping Park. Not only is it a fantastic way to give back to the community, but it also allows us to build a bond with those who help us raise such a brilliant amount of money.

“We’re delighted with the response from the community as we continue to forge strong partnerships in our local area and make a difference.”