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Filmore & Union launch new Spring/Summer Health to Go range

‘Feel good’ food & drink brand Filmore & Union is set to launch their new Spring/Summer ‘Health to Go’ menu at its John Lewis York store on 16th May.

The Health to Go range offers a wide selection of small pots, hot and cold wraps, bagels, salads and sandwiches all of which can be eaten in or enjoyed on the go.

The menu has been developed around Filmore & Union’s ethos of pure, natural and wholesome food. The new Spring/Summer menu includes Filmore’s Chicken Caeser Wrap, a hot Vegan Indian Spiced Cauliflower Wrap and a selection of sandwiches including Egg Mayonnaise, Tuna Crunch and Ham, Cheese & Apple Chutney. The premium sandwiches include a Mango Feta and a Prosciutto Pesto both served on a Pumpkin Granary Roll. A Lebanese Chicken Salad Bowl and a Tuna Nicoise Salad Bowl are also new to the Spring/Summer season.

Luke Mills, Development Chef at Filmore & Union said “Commuters and people on the go these days are looking for healthy, nutrient rich options which will leave them energised for the day ahead. We combine a range of fresh ingredients to ensure the tastiest meals that will leave people satisfied throughout the day.

We also know that many take out sandwich operators don’t cater for those with dietary requirements or vegans, our new menu has been developed to cater for everyone.”

The new Health to Go range is out 16th May.