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Life-saving equipment unveiled at popular York shopping park

Life-saving equipment has been unveiled at a popular shopping park for use by visitors and staff.

A defibrillator can now be found at Vangarde Shopping Park, in a locked yellow cabinet, between Marks and Spencer and Next on the main walkway.

The machine, which was funded by the park, costs around £1000 and can be used by members of the public to give emergency help to someone suffering a heart attack.

“Everybody is delighted that the defibrillator has finally been installed,” explains Deb O’Donnell, centre manager. “It is an excellent addition to the park and one that could potentially save lives.

“Our commitment to the community is a top priority, which is why we wanted to fund this apparatus as it will benefit all of our shoppers and staff working on the park in such an extremely important way.”

The apparatus gives a high energy electric shock to the heart to restore a more stable rhythm. Every minute without CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation reduces someone’s chance of survival by ten per cent.

The unveiling of the life-saving unit at Vangarde comes hot on the heels of the installation of three other defibrillators in and near York following an appeal from two local campaigners.

Deb added: “Having a range of these devices across York can only be a good thing. Hopefully they will never have to be used but it gives people a sense of security that one will be there if you need it.”

The defibrillator is accessible by a code provided by the ambulance service when someone rings 999. The devices then give easy-to-follow audible instructions on how they should be used.