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Vangarde Shopping Park looks to support community through range of initiatives

Vangarde Shopping Park is ensuring it’s at the heart of the community by supporting a wide range of environmental and charitable initiatives this year.

The shopping park has linked up with iTravel York to promote sustainable and ethical methods of travelling.

Centre Manager Deb O’Donnell has also encouraged all staff to take part in the iTravel York’s BIG Challenge, where entrants submit how many times they have used sustainable methods of transport, such as cycling and buses, to win prizes.

Deb, who cycles to work every day, is going to such lengths to promote the benefits of the scheme and highlight the benefits of logging your sustainable mileage that she recently won a prize for her hard work.

She said: “It is important for all of us to use sustainable methods of travelling to ensure that not only are we not polluting the environment, but also to promote good exercise too through cycling and walking.

“Vangarde has a huge focus on remaining environmentally friendly, not only through how our buildings are built and how we run the shopping park, but also through our means of transport as well.

“Myself and other members of the management team on site are using the bus or cycling to work as often as possible and now we are encouraging all those who work on our site to do the same.”

Keeping in with its environmentally friendly ethos, Vangarde has also been working with conservationists to help provide a safe home for indigenous creatures to the region, with an increase in the number of Great Crested newts and water voles over the last year in the ponds by Martello Way.

On top of this, Vangarde has also linked up with York against Cancer, which will be located in the new York Community Stadium in 2016, in a bid to help them raise awareness of the charity amongst Vangarde shoppers.

Deb will also be volunteering for the Run or Dye event in August at Castle Howard, where hundreds of runners will be raising money for the charity.

One of the security guards from the shopping park is hoping to raise money for York against Cancer by completing a van pull across a section of the car park.

Deb said: “We are continuing to find ways to benefit the community, whether it is through our practices or through charity-based initiatives.

“As an important part of the community, it is vital that we continue to ensure we are working to benefit the community in as many ways as we can.”

Another step that Deb and her on site team took to help the environment was their participation in the York BIG Clean up earlier in the year, which saw them out in force doing a litter pick. It’s an initiative they are looking forward to taking part in again in the near future.