At Filmore & Union, we truly believe that a balanced lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to diet, we are all about the more balanced approach, and the ‘all in moderation’ rule is one that we have always lived by – and we will always continue to do so!

Ultimately, health is by no means a simple case of eating a salad every day for the rest of your life – because if you’re not enjoying that salad – then your body isn’t going to be too crazy about it either. Health is also about your attitude towards food and how you take the time out of your day to savour and digest your meals. So you want to treat yourself to a brownie today? Go for it, we say! Just make sure you get your greens in and move your body in some way too. Enjoyment in all areas of life, including food, is what we think makes one glow from the inside out – and that’s something you can’t get from counting calories and restrictive diets.

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